LUX Dispensers By


The Dispensers combines all the virtues of a modern dispenser system.
The patented system is a unique combination of contemporary design, practical application and easy handling.

         Rich Lather                             Superior Skin Benefits                          Biodegradable

1 Bathroom 4 Choices

LUX have presented 4 new Dispensers:                                                2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash, Conditioning Shampoo, Body Wash,  Hand Wash.

These 4 dispensers are user-friendly for guests in hotel. Just one tap with one finger will get right amount of dose. It’s suitable for hotel, airbnb, even for normal family house.

Besides that, it’s designed for easy to replace the new cartridge once it finished. By just unlock the side, then you can open can replace a new cartridge.

LUX Product & Planet Philosophy Key Principles

Be the best (accessible) beauty soap in market

  • Focus on product quality to ensure we continue to provide fine fragrance skin treats in every shower & brand experience

Significantly reduce our environmental footprint

  • Focus on plastic. We have limited progress on packaging improvements today and no strong commitment yet to change this.

Transparency of ingredients

  • We must ensure our products are always safe for consumers and be transparent in our product design. We will determine what we focus on communicating actively, but always maintain safety & sustainability at its core.

Leverage Unilever’s efforts

  • While we won’t actively drive all PPP conversation themes as a brand, we will stay aware and leverage all corporate initiatives where relevant (recycling efforts/sustainable palm oil/fair trade etc.)